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Drunk Driving Accidents During the Holidays

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Firm News

drunk driving

As usual, the holiday season sparks excitement. A majority of people finally get to have some free time to travel either for leisure or to pay a visit to family and friends. Due to the increase in the number of people traveling, traffic accidents have become a major challenge. Statistics have proven that many accidents that occur during the holiday season are due to drunk driving. Thanksgiving holidays and New Year’s Day have been cited as holidays that record a great increase in traffic and, subsequently, traffic accidents mainly caused by drunk driving.

Most people with a lower tolerance for alcohol often assume that they are still competent enough to drive because they are not heavy drinkers. Subsequently, such drivers end up being the main contributors to traffic accidents. Further, the accidents that are recorded during the major holidays, as mentioned above, often lead to either serious or fatal injuries. The victims of drunk driving accidents during major holidays are often in a dilemma on what to do. Our Las Vegas drunk driving accident attorneys at the law office Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright, understand the confusion such an accident can cause, especially during the holiday season. Therefore working closely with our Las Vegas car accident injury attorneys gives you a chance to receive legal counsel on your case’s merits and subsequently get assistance with launching a compensation claim with the relevant authorities.

What are the consequences of drunk driving?

Drunk driving is a crime in Las Vegas. Therefore drunk driving that leads to an accident and subsequently causes harm to another holds great consequences to the offending party. Once an individual has been arrested for causing an accident through drunk driving, they will be charged before a criminal court and penalized accordingly. In the same regard, such an accident can lead to a civil claim whose aim is to help accident victims recover damages suffered due to the accident.

Following up on damages can be hectic on an individual, especially where they have to deal with an insurance company whose aim is to under compensate the victim. With the years of experience that our drunk driving accident attorneys in Las Vegas possess, they can help you recover damages either through litigation or out of court settlements.

Damages that can be recovered from a traffic accident civil lawsuit

It is in very rare occupations that an accident will not lead to damages. Most times, accident victims suffer injuries that lead to hefty medical expenses. In the same regard, while one stays at home or in the hospital receiving treatment, their financial prowess will be compromised as they no longer work. Suppose you or your loved one has been involved in a traffic accident and are in a dilemma on what damages you are likely to recover. Below are some of the common damages likely to be recovered depending on the injury sustained.

  • Medical expenses
  • Material damage
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Future medical expenses

How to stay safe and free from accidents during the holiday season

While some drinking escapades are random, they can’t be said to be completely out of one’s control. During the holiday season, a drinker is always almost certain that an invite to a friend’s house might lead to drinking. It is therefore advisable for anyone with intent to drink to ensure that they appoint a designated driver. With a sober mind as a driver, the chances of getting into a traffic accident subsequently causing others harm reduces.

How car accident injury attorneys in Las Vegas can help

The consequences of drunk driving are often life-changing. Our Las Vegas car accident lawyer is well aware of the trauma an accident can experience. While it will take time to heal both emotional and physical wounds, our Las Vegas car accident attorney can help you pursue damages that will assist you in your healing process and other areas of life.