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Are You Dealing With An Accident Injury?

If you’re hurt because someone was careless, our personal injury lawyers may be able to help you recover financially from the suffering you are living through.

Dealing with a serious injury can feel overwhelming. You may be trying to keep your normal life going, but you’re also facing serious injury, pain and expenses related to your injury. That’s all because someone else was careless with your safety.

At Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright, we understand how tough it can be to recover from an injury. Our personal injury lawyers will be on your side when things get difficult.

Types Of Personal Injury Lawsuits

When you’re hurt in an accident, you need to know what type of claim you’re dealing with. Certain laws may affect some claims differently. For example, car accident claims may be impacted by insurance policies, where a medical malpractice claim may not work the same way.

Because of this, you need to pinpoint the type of claim you’re dealing with, and your personal injury lawyer can help. Here are just some of the claim types we cover:

You Have A Limited Time To File An Injury Claim

When you’re hurt, you may not receive your compensation easily. Unfortunately, many accident victims have trouble getting compensated for their losses.

One reason for this is that accident injury victims only have a short time to file a claim for their injuries. You have two years to file a claim, and if you don’t, your claim will be dismissed.

You can also lose your compensation if you’re found partly at fault. Let’s say the at-fault party claims you’re 15% at fault for your own injuries. If you don’t defend your claim, you may only receive 85% of your compensation. Your lawyer will work to help you preserve your full compensation.

What You Can Expect From A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve suffered through a personal injury, you may be concerned about what a personal injury lawyer can do for your claim. You don’t want to pay out of pocket for your losses, after all. We can help.

Our team of lawyers can gather evidence showing you didn’t cause your injuries and can represent you in court. That means you can spend more time with your family and more time on your recovery. You don’t have to constantly juggle your normal life and your lawsuit, all while recovering from a serious injury. Our personal injury lawyers can step in and guide you through your lawsuit when you’re struggling to recover.

Reach Out To A Personal Injury Lawyer Soon

When you’re hurt because someone else was careless, a personal injury lawyer may be key to your recovery. The lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can help, starting with your free consultation. When you’re ready to talk about your claim and get answers from a lawyer, call 702-854-2791 or complete our online contact form.