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Collection Law In Nevada

There are many advantages to utilizing the assistance of a skilled Nevada collections attorney at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright to help recover outstanding business debts or to defend against collection suits filed against you. Our experienced collections attorneys can utilize the Nevada courts, laws and statutes to provide business clients with effective collection efforts, as opposed to collection agencies, who are typically limited to simply mailing out demand letters and making threatening phone calls. An experienced collections attorney can file a lawsuit throughout Nevada where the debtor is located, which will force the debtor to pay the debt, settle or face a money judgment being filed and recorded.

Our skilled Las Vegas collections attorneys can obtain judgments and then employ post-judgment debt collection remedies to enforce and collect on the judgment, including garnishment of bank accounts, sheriff sales, and perfecting on liens to take what the debtor is unwilling to pay voluntarily. We can also take a deposition under oath of the judgment debtor in what is called a “debtor’s examination.” These can be very effective at uncovering hidden assets. Our debt collection attorneys understand the importance of debt collections for our small and large business clients, and we take a fast, aggressive approach to the collection of clients’ accounts receivables with results-focused debt collection methods.

Attorneys at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright are frequently retained by corporations, small businesses, banks and other financial institutions, contractors, providers of professional services, and other commercial entities (such as insurance companies) for assistance with business debt collection matters of all types and sizes, secured and unsecured. We have also handled numerous cases for and against guarantors of commercial and residential loans. Our skilled debt collection lawyers assist clients across the country with debt collection matters for debtors and creditors located throughout Nevada. Our commercial debt collection team is familiar with both prosecuting and defending against debt collection lawsuits, debt collection settlement agreements, enforcement of foreign judgments, filing mechanics’ liens and obtaining default judgments as well as various discovery options for debt collection matters.

Other ADR options such as mediation and arbitration, are often helpful in resolving such disputes without a trial. In Nevada’s current wave of foreclosures, we can also assist debtors and lenders in loan workouts and restructuring of loan obligations, to help avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings.

Legal Collections Assistance

Contact our collections attorneys by calling 702-854-2791. We can obtain judgments and then employ post-judgment debt collection remedies to enforce and collect on the judgments.