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Commercial Truck Accidents Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Truck accidents can be overwhelming, but you have options for a financial recovery. If you’ve suffered because of a careless truck driver, seek compensation with a truck accident lawyer. 

Many of us aren’t so comfortable driving around commercial trucks. They’re hard to avoid, though, and you may have found yourself driving near one on the Las Vegas Beltway. You may have also been near when they swerved into your lane or otherwise lost control.

Now, you’re hurt. You’ve been hit by a commercial truck, and the costs of your truck accident have only begun. Instead of paying for their actions, though, commercial trucking companies may try to avoid taking responsibility. You may be eligible for compensation. Speak with our lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright.

What Makes Truck Accidents Dangerous For Drivers?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be aware of just how complex and difficult an accident claim can be when two cars are involved. When a commercial truck is involved, though, the results can easily be deadly.

These trucks can weigh several tons more than your car, and that’s before you include the weight and danger of their cargo. That cargo can be deadly, too – the truck could be carrying hazardous waste, gasoline, or dangerous chemicals.

Commercial trucks also have some distinct risks when driving around them. They have much larger blind spots, which means a truck driver may be unable to see you before moving into your lane, hitting your car and causing an accident.

Liability For Truck Accidents

Identifying the at-fault party following a commercial truck accident isn’t easy. When a single car is involved, it’s one situation, but a truck accident may be a multi-car pileup and a fire on top of that. That makes gathering evidence and determining the cause of your accident more difficult. If you’re unsure who’s at fault for your truck accident and you’re worried about getting compensated by the at-fault party, our attorneys can help you determine fault and sue the right party.

Is The Truck Driver At Fault?

When a Las Vegas truck driver causes an accident, it makes sense that they would be financially liable for their actions, right? In some cases, that may be true, but often, their employer may be the ones liable for your suffering.

Their employers are responsible for what their employees do. If their employees fail to meet their standards, their employer is responsible for what they do.

But that doesn’t mean there are no exceptions to that rule. For example, the truck driver may have been intentionally trying to harm you. In these cases, you may need to speak with our skilled truck accident lawyers about your situation so you can get compensated for this.

Drivers Aren’t Always At Fault For Truck Accidents

Sometimes, even the truck driver can’t stop the accident. They may have been doing everything right on their end, but suddenly, they lost control of the vehicle. They crashed into you, and now you’re both injured. But who’s at fault if the driver was attentive and didn’t seem to do anything wrong?

Sometimes, the answer is under the hood. A defective part can cause a commercial truck or any other vehicle to be uncontrollable. The steering may have locked up, the brakes failed, or any other number of problems could have happened.

In these cases, the fault may lay on the manufacturer. They’re at fault for any mechanical defects, and they’re supposed to ensure no defects go untested or unnoticed. If they failed to check parts for defects, they can be held responsible for the suffering you experienced.

Compensation For Truck Accident Victims

After a truck accident, the losses you’ve suffered may feel overwhelming. You’re suffering through severe injuries, lost wages, and a destroyed car. That’s not to mention the emotional and mental toll the aftermath of a truck accident can take.

That’s where our attorneys at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can be valuable. If you’re struggling to get compensated for your losses, reach out for guidance. We can help you determine what compensation you’re due for your losses caused by the accident, also called damages.

Financial Costs Connected To Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be brutal and especially difficult to face financially. You could spend years dealing with the debts that come with a truck accident if you don’t seek compensation for your losses. These financial losses may include anything you had to pay for because of your accident.

Typically, these economic damages are easier to calculate than other damages, like intangible losses. But that doesn’t mean they’re always simple. You may have suffered severe injuries that may not be obvious at first but will affect your future. For example, you may need multiple surgeries in the future, and our lawyers can help you include those in your compensation.

Below are just a few of the economic damages you may be due:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Household services
  • Accommodations like wheelchair ramps
  • Property damage

Pain And Suffering And Your Accident Claim

But what about your losses that aren’t based on finances? Not every commercial truck accident loss is a bill or financial loss. Sometimes, it’s more personal, intangible, and difficult to calculate. These noneconomic damages can be tough to calculate without the right legal guidance.

Your noneconomic damages cover the emotional and mental suffering you’ve experienced because of the truck accident. The value of these losses can differ depending on the severity of your losses and your current situation.

You may need specific tools to calculate your losses connected to pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, and other losses like this. We have the tools you need to calculate their severity and impact.

Punitive Damages For Truck Accidents

The at-fault party may have been more than careless. They may have intentionally harmed you, or perhaps they were drinking while driving. Wanton disregard for safety or intent to harm may open up new possibilities for compensation.

While punitive damages are not offered in every claim, as economic and noneconomic damages are, you may still be eligible for those damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish the at-fault party for being so careless, in hopes that these penalties will deter future accidents like yours.

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If you’ve suffered severe injuries because of a commercial truck driver, you may be devastated and overwhelmed by the suffering they’ve caused. Here’s the good news – you don’t have to accept the damages and pay out of pocket for what you’re going through. Instead of accepting these losses, reach out to a lawyer from Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright for a free consultation.

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