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How to revoke my will

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Firm News

writing a will

The Importance of a Will. 

A will is so important that most people need them. When you have a will, you can plan to distribute your property to your loved ones. The will is also the place where you will be able to name the guardians for your children. If you have a will, you will be the one to decide where you want your property to go. If you don’t have a will, the laws of your state will decide all of these matters.

It is within your rights to type your will yourself without the assistance of a Las Vegas will lawyer, but it might be better for you to hire a will lawyer in Las Vegas to make sure that everything is done correctly. If you die without a will, your state will look to your spouse, children or parents as inheritors of your property, but this may not be where you want your property to go.

In many instances, people left their property to their boyfriends, girlfriends, neighbors, close friends, charities or schools, but this is not how the state would distribute your property. By hiring a Las Vegas estate planning attorney, you can ensure that people important to you other than your immediate family members are included in your will.


Revoking a Will. 

Revoking a will is a very simple matter. All the testator must do is destroy the will by tearing, burning or shredding the document. Although it is easy to rid yourself of a will, you have to do it in the correct manner. If someone is going to destroy the document for you, you must witness this.

There are instances in which your last will and testament will be revoked without your direct involvement. For example, if you were married after you had a will drawn up, it will be revoked if you pass away before your spouse. If you get a divorce after executing a will or annul your marriage, some of the provisions that were made for your ex-spouse will be revoked.

Throughout life, events will occur that require a change in your will. The most important of these are a divorce, a marriage and the birth of a child. If you fail to make changes in the correct manner, someone may have grounds to challenge the will after your death.

There are two ways to change a will, but they will both require the assistance of a Las Vegas will attorney. The first is to create a new will that renounces any wills that came before. It should also say that the present will is “the last will and testament.” The other way is to keep your present will but add a codicil to it that makes the changes that you want to make. You need a will attorney in Las Vegas because people make mistakes at this point in time.

How a Lawyer Can Help. 

An estate planning attorney Las Vegas can draw up a will for you, but we can perform other estate planning matters for you as well. For example, we can also create trusts for you and help you ensure that you are receiving what you are due if you are the beneficiary of a trust. Our law firm will also represent your interests if you need to contest a will. When the time comes, if you need a probate lawyer, we can help you in this area as well. If you need the services of a Las Vegas will attorney, contact us at the law offices of Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright so that we can help you develop an estate plan that serves all of your needs today.