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Tips on Driving Safe with a Baby on Board

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Firm News

Baby on Board

Traveling with a new baby in the car is one of the most stressful experiences of a new parent’s life. Considering more than two million crashes occur on U.S. highways each year, the fear is valid. New parents can reduce stress and risk of being in a car accident when they take a few extra precautions when the baby is in the car.

Car Seat 101

First, buy a dependable infant car seat–it is required by law before the baby leaves the hospital for the first time. The infant car seat protects the baby from injuries in the event of an accident and reduces fatalities by 71%. After age two, the baby advances to a toddler car seat. Never purchase a secondhand car seat due to safety concerns and recalls.

The infant car seat should meet all NHTSA safety standards and be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additional Car Safety Tips for Baby

Aside from securing a baby in an infant car seat before every trip, the following tips ensure car safety for your little one.

    • Feed and change the baby before heading out on your trip. You then reduce the risks of being distracted by a crying or fussy baby, which can take your eyes off the road.
    • Put your phone away. It is illegal to talk or text on a cell phone while driving in the state of Nevada. A conviction of such crime carries penalties as harsh as those handed down for DUI!
    • Tether any baby toys you want to bring along for baby to the car seat. Same rule applies to pacifiers if the baby takes one. Toys and pacifiers can become hazards to a small baby if they are not tethered to the car seat.
    • Any Henderson Las Vegas car accident lawyer will tell you that defensive driving keeps you safe. Every driver, especially those with a baby on board, should practice defensive driving. As a defensive driver, you simply know that you should expect the unexpected when driving on any roadway. You should also be ready to react to other driver’s at the drop of a dime. Talk to a Henderson LV car accident lawyers if you’d like to learn more about defensive driving and how it reduces the risk of an automobile crash. You can learn this information at no cost to you.
    • Never operate a vehicle when you are sleepy or tired. Even driving a short distance under such circumstances may result in an accident that injuries your baby or others out and about on the roadways. Of course it should go without saying, never operate a vehicle with a baby on board (or otherwise) if you have been drinking alcohol or taken medications,prescription or over-the-counter.”>
    • Use a sunshade over the baby’s window. No one likes the sun shining in their eyes, even your newborn baby! Sunshades are sold wherever baby products are sold for just a few bucks each. Grab one to place over each window to sun-proof your baby’s ride.

Baby Car Safety from Your Trusted Henderson, Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

baby car seat

Need additional information on keeping your child safe in the car? Has your child suffered an injury related to a car crash caused by a careless driver, defective baby products, or other concerns? Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright has the Henderson LV car accident attorneys available to answer questions and/or provide the aggressive legal representation needed to get justice for your child. Reach out to our Henderson Las Vegas child injury attorney when you need attorneys that care about your case.