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When Do You Have to Get Checked Out by a Doctor After Getting Injured at Work?

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Firm News

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If you sustained an injury at work, you might be wondering when the right time to see a doctor is? Do you have to wait until you are compensated to get medical attention? We understand the uncertainties involving workers’ compensation clauses, especially for the average employee. Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright will guide you through this process.

Should you wait?

A short and precise answer to this is no. You don’t have to wait for worker’s compensation to seek medical attention. On the contrary, Las Vegas work injury attorneys recommend seeking medical attention immediately after the workplace accident. The more you delay to get medical assistance on your injuries, the further you complicate the case.

What should you do after sustaining injuries at work?

In some cases, your injuries may be too severe to drive yourself to the emergency room. You will be assisted. However, in the cases of minor injuries, consider checking in with your supervisors to advise you on whether to see their own doctor or your doctor. You are entitled to seek a second opinion from a doctor of your choice according to the workers’ compensation laws. You are likely to gain more benefits if your doctor reports a deeper evaluation of your injuries.

Report injuries immediately

Las Vegas work injury attorneys recommend reporting injuries to the employer as soon as possible to claim your compensation. Medical reports from your doctor should back the validity of your injuries and make the process easier. Consider hiring a qualified work injury lawyer to lead you through the complex process and increase your chances of a successful workers’ compensation claim.

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