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What to Know If I’ve Been Injured at a Casino

by | May 8, 2020 | Firm News

injured in casino

Casinos are accident hot spots for a number of reasons. They tend to be crowded, there are plenty of adult beverages flowing for everyone to enjoy, there is a large amount of foot traffic going into them and out of them and they are frequently understaffed. If you have been injured at a casino, here are a few tips you should follow to help you make your claim against the responsible parties:

Make Sure Your Accident Is Properly Documented

You need to get a member of the casino staff to write up an accident report that includes all the details of your accident. It should list the time and date of the accident, where on the premises the accident took place, which body parts you injured and whether there were any witnesses. Get a copy of the report from the casino so you can share it with your Las Vegas personal injury lawyers.

Get the Medical Treatment You Need to Recover from Your Injuries

After the accident report has been written and you have reviewed it to ensure its accuracy, you need to hurry up and get treatment for the injuries you suffered. Call an ambulance and have it take you to a nearby hospital’s emergency department so you can get treated and begin to heal. There is no reward for trying to tough it out and avoid getting treated.

Contact the Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright

When it comes time to face the responsible parties’ insurance companies, you want an experienced team of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers to be on your side. The attorneys at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright know what it takes to help you recover compensation from the insurance companies and put your accident behind you for good.