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Driving Near a Truck on Interstate 15: Safety Tips

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Firm News

truck accident
Understand the Difference Between a Truck and a Standard Vehicle: 

An 18-wheeler is much bigger, which means its blind spot is bigger and it needs more space to maneuver. The size gap also means that a truck takes more time to slow down and it takes longer to pass one.

Use the information, the next time you’re on an interstate. 

Passing a Truck: 

Proceed at a safe and steady speed. Wait until you see the entire cab of the truck before you pull out in front of it and make sure you are a safe distance in front.

Getting Passed by a Truck: 

If a truck wants to pass, don’t race it. You will lose. Let the truck pass and slow down to make it even easier for it to pass.

If the Truck is Backing Up:

Do not attempt to pass a truck that is try to back up. You could risk entering a blind spot, putting yourself in eminent danger.

When the Truck is Making a Wide Turn: 

Some trucks have to swing left in order to turn right. When this happens, the truck can’t see behind or beside it. With that said, cutting to the right will likely cause a wreck.

When Driving Near a Truck: 

If you’re driving near a truck at night, do not shine your bright lights. Trucks have large mirrors which will reflect the light back into your eyes, causing temporary blindness, long enough to get into a wreck.

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