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Have you Been Hit? | What you Need to Know about Pedestrian Accidents.

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Firm News

pedestrian accident

Being hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian is one of the most terrifying things that a person can experience. If you or a loved one have been through this experience, getting help from an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney is essential.

There are several reasons that a driver may accidentally hit a pedestrian. Maybe they were speeding. Maybe they were intoxicated in some way, as in a DUI. In popular tourist areas such as Las Vegas, it is also possible that they were distracted or simply not paying attention to the road.

Regardless of why you were hit, it is not your fault. Pedestrians have right of way in almost all cases and a right to expect cars to look out for them. Unfortunately, being hit by a car can be devastating both physically and financially. Most people who are hit by a car need medical care, not just immediately but on an ongoing basis to deal with pain and disability. In addition, there are lost wages, pain and suffering, and a variety of other wrongs.

A personal injury complaint is the only way to get the compensation that you need and deserve. However, these lawsuits can be difficult to win without an experienced attorney. It is important to know how to present your story and gather evidence to build a compelling case. Drivers should not be able to hit a pedestrian and get away with it, but our justice system makes it difficult for victims to get the compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one have been hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian, your first step should be to call a Las Vegas accident attorney. We can direct you to medical care and help you to get the compensation that you need to move on from this terrifying incident. We can help you get through this difficult time with your finances and your health intact.