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What should you do if you are involved in a bicycle accident?

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Firm News

bicycle injury

Bicyclists are more vulnerable on the Nevada roadways than those operating motor vehicles because they have less protection. This means they are far more likely to be seriously injured when accidents do occur. As a bicyclist, it is important to be prepared and know how to react after an accident. Knowing this information can help you protect your legal rights, as well as your physical wellbeing.

Only Speak to the Police

The person operating the vehicle can use anything you say to protect themselves, so it is important not to discuss the incident with them. Instead, it is best to only make a statement to the police and not to admit fault.

Obtain Information from those at the Scene

When you do speak to the driver, you will want information. Ask for their name, contact information, and insurance information. Additionally, ask witnesses for their names and contact information. This will help your Las Vegas bike accident attorney better handle your case.

Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

The official police report is a narrative of the accident, which tells both sides of the story. Ask the police for a copy of the report, so you can review what was said and verify your statements are accurate.

Collect Evidence at the Scene

Obviously, if your injuries are severe, you have no choice but to remain still. Otherwise, this is a time that you can collect evidence for your Las Vegas injury lawyer to use on your behalf. One of the best ways to collect evidence is to use your phone to take photos of the scene. Be sure to photograph close-ups of property damage, road conditions and injuries.

Contact an Attorney

Your first priority is to seek medical treatment for your injuries. After that, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to contact a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney for a free consultation. An experienced attorney can help ensure you are offered a fair settlement to pay for your damages. If negotiations fail, you will have the legal advocate you need to pursue compensation through the courts.

In cases where a loved one was killed in a bicycle accident, it is especially important to contact a Las Vegas wrongful death attorney. They can help ensure you receive the compensation you will need to cover medical bills, funeral and burial costs, and other losses caused by the death of your loved one. While money cannot really compensate for your loss, it can help you recover from the financial burden suddenly faced by your family.