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Street Safety on Halloween Night | Keep You and Your Kids Safe

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Firm News

halloween safety

Many Pedestrian accidents happen on Halloween night, due to all the trick-or-treaters on the roads. Many kids are wearing dark costumes, and drivers may not see little children. There are also many Halloween parties which can lead to drinking and cause many drivers to drive while intoxicated. Luckily there are some things you can do to improve your child’s safety on the streets. Read on for four ways to help kids stay safe this Halloween.

1. Teach Kids to Walk Safely on Halloween

To keep kids safe as they are trick-or-treating, it is essential to teach them to walk safely. Make sure they know how to cross the street properly by using traffic signals, crosswalks, and show them how to cross the street at corners. Before crossing, tell them to look left, right, then left again, and to keep looking in both directions as they cross.

Another important tip for walking on Halloween is to keep all electronic devices away while crossing the street, so that you can pay attention to your surroundings. Moreover, tell children to try to have eye contact with every driver before they cross in front of their car. Children should also take care that they don’t walk in front of cars that are backing up or turning. In the event of an accident, a Las Vegas injury lawyer will be able to help you decide on what steps to take next.

2. Make Sure and Adult is Trick-or-Treating with Them

While some kids want to go trick-or-treating by themselves, if they are 12 years old or younger, they should be accompanied by an adult. Small children can be hard to see even in the daytime. With proper adult supervision, the kids will be able to enjoy Halloween without running the risk of being injured.

3. Choose Safer Costumes

Halloween is all about getting creative with costumes, but keep in mind that kids’ costumes should never impair their safety. This includes avoiding masks that obscure vision, decorating with bright or reflective fabric and tape, as well as avoiding anything that is oversized that a child may trip over. When assessing a child’s costume to see if it is safe, make sure your child can see, move, walk, and run properly in it.

4. Know Your Rights

Even if you take precautions, accidents can still happen. If your child sustains an injury during Halloween you should get legal help right away. A Las Vegas accident attorney will know how to protect the legal rights of you and your child if there has been an accident.