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What To Do if you are in an Accident while Driving a Rental Car

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Firm News

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If you have ever been involved in a car accident then you know how stressful and devastating the situation can be. You may be driving your own vehicle during the accident or you may be driving a rental car. Renting a vehicle doesn’t prevent an accident from taking place. Even the best drivers can experience a mishap on the road. Hopefully you and all of your passengers are safe. If your vehicle was a rental then there are some steps you should take to report the incident as well as take responsibility for what happened.

At the Scene

When the accident first occurs you want to make sure everyone involved is ok. If there are any injuries you should contact 911 immediately. You can also contact a car accident attorneys in Las Vegas to assist. The police department in the area should also be called. They will come and file a report so everything is on record. Your insurance company is going to want to see the official report. If you have the opportunity you can also take some photos and write down any notes you want to remember later on.

Focusing on the Paperwork

The rental company you got your vehicle from should be contacted immediately. You may need a replacement vehicle and they need to schedule repairs for the vehicle. Your insurance company may cover any damage that was done to the vehicle so call them as well. This really depends on your policy. Some credit card companies even provide rental car protection.


When you sign up for a rental vehicle you sign documents that detail when you are responsible for damage. You might not have been at fault in the accident but that doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for damages. Most companies will hold you responsible for any damage that takes place during an accident, theft, vandalism, medical emergency, hair storm, etc.

Once you have determined that everyone inside of your rental vehicle is safe then you can contact the appropriate parties to make sure you are protected. If someone else was at fault there are a number of different paths you can take when it comes to hiring a Vegas personal injury lawyer. Make sure you utilize someone that is reputable and trustworthy. Your Las Vegas car accident attorney will be the one to help you through this difficult time.