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Most Common Children Accidents

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Firm News

children accidents

Despite parents’ best efforts to protect them, children sometimes injure themselves. Falls are one of the most common types of childhood accidents, but there are other ways that children may be injured. For example, children may be injured by burns after touching a hot stove or knocking over a pot of boiling water.

Children may choke on small objects or food. They may get into medicine or cleaning supplies and suffer from poisoning. Many children are also injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Who is at Fault?

While injuries from accidents such as falls may be part of the typical rough and tumble of childhood, many of these injuries are not. Some accidents may be caused by the negligence of another person or entity, such as a distracted driver or a company that has manufactured a dangerous toy. A parent whose child is injured by the negligence or carelessness of someone else, should contact a Reno personal injury lawyer to talk about how to proceed.

There might be medical expenses and a long recovery period for a child who is injured. Parents may need to get additional medical help in the home depending on the severity of the injury. Attorneys in Las Vegas NV can help parents get the compensation needed to help pay for costs associated with the injury. Lawyers in Las Vegas NV may be able to negotiate a settlement out of court with the responsible party or be able to represent the child in court if no acceptable settlement is offered.

Get Professional Help

Parents may should contact an attorney right after a child is injured even if they are not yet certain who is responsible or if they plan to pursue compensation. An attorney will be able to give advice as to how to proceed from the start, in case they do decide to file a lawsuit. Without the advice of a Reno personal injury lawyer, a parent may accept an offer that could make it difficult to obtain compensation later.

Having an injured child can be an extremely stressful and difficult experience for a parent, but a skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorney may be able to assist in getting the needed compensation.