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Recreational Boating Accidents

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Firm News

boating accidents

As summer hits, boating accident rates in Nevada rise. But floating onto the lake without taking the proper preparations can lead to injury or even be deadly in some cases. Commonly, fatal boat accidents on Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe occur when people decide to drink while boating. Sometimes people will voluntarily leave a boat to swim and aren’t able to get back onto the boat before they drown. Boating accidental deaths are increasingly common in Nevada, which is why local government urges those who boat to get educated about how to operate their vessels.

According to Nevada boating law administrators, accident investigations show that the majority of people who end up getting into boating accidents are people who have neglected to take boating education courses. Statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard confirm that more than 80 percent of boat accident deaths are caused by boating operators who haven’t received proper instruction.

Boating comes with a lot of responsibility. In the event of a crash involving property damage or injury, a Reno personal injury lawyer or boating accident lawyer can help sort through the legalities and help protect the boater’s rights and responsibilities. Nevada law requires boaters to follow certain guidelines, which can be complex to remember during an emergency situation such as a boat accident.

For example, if a boater is involved in an accident they are required to stop their boat right away at the accident scene to assist anyone who may be injured or otherwise endangered unless they would be risking their own safety to do so. Boat owners are required to report the accident to Nevada Department of Wildlife and provide anybody who is injured with their name, address, and boat identification in writing. If more than $2000 worth of damage is done to a boat or other property, the boat operator is required to report the accident to Nevada Department of Wildlife in writing within ten days.

A boating accident lawyer who is well versed in personal injury law and vessel accidents can assist with making sure all bases are covered and can help recover damages for boating accident victims.