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Forget your hard hat? What you need to do after a construction accident

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Firm News

hard hat - workplace accidents

Workplace injuries in the construction industry can result in very serious injuries, and many times the injuries occur in remote locations where there is no immediate employer management. The legal pros at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright know this can leave an injured employee in a precarious situation when they are injured. Bad injuries can commonly require immediate medical attention, which can be supplied by emergency medical technicians when an ambulance is summoned. But, what does an employee do when they are injured beyond ability to work and needs to take action quickly?

Seek Medical Attention

It is always a good idea to find professional medical attention as soon as possible. Sometimes this is even more important than contacting the employer. Injuries such as back or neck strains can appear as minimal at first, only to worsen quickly. Injuries involving loss of blood can be very serious matters as well, including potential internal bleeding. Always consider finding medical help first.

Report to the Employer

Workers compensation laws in Nevada require construction employers to report workplace injuries to their workers comp insurance provider in a timely fashion. The problem is that many employers will not perform this requirement when they think they can avoid the claim. Sometimes they will even conduct an accident investigation just to claim the injury did not seem serious enough for medical attention. Regardless of the response of the employer, the injured worker has fulfilled their duty in reporting the injury as soon as it is realized.

Contact a Las Vegas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Construction site accident injuries can have specific extenuating facts that other industry injuries do not, just as employer failure to provide hard hats or require that they be worn at all times on the site. Actually, statistics show that 10% of all construction workers are injured at work annually. These can be essential case facts with construction injuries. Even when an employer is in agreement that workplace insurance coverage will apply, all personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas will advise that it is still a good decision to consult with an attorney anyway because of potential claim value.

Anyone in Nevada who has been injured while working on a construction job should contact the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright for a free comprehensive evaluation of your potential work injury claim.