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What to do if you are injured at a concert?

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Firm News

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What to do if you are injured at a concert?

Concert venues are usually quite safe and well-maintained, but serious injuries still happen. The causes are almost as diverse as the types of serious injuries that result, from a broken ankle to severe burns. The owner of the property and the concert promoter might be liable if there is a serious injury before, during, or after a show.

Injuries at concerts come mostly from three sources. Fights are common, and sometimes lead one or more people being seriously injured. There are many ways a person can trip and suffer a serious injury. Slip and fall injuries are also common. Band members sometimes suffer those injuries as well, and the same personal injury law would apply.

If the owner’s negligence leads to an accident, the injured party has the legal right to seek compensation. This process is often made more complicated because the other business owner or their insurance firm have their own legal counsel. Even worse, the injury may have been caused by one of the acts, not some problem with the building itself. A Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will be able to handle the complexities of the case. You can help by taking the right steps in the aftermath of an accident.

If you are seriously injured at a concert, you get medical attention first, then collect information second. A NV personal injury attorney would recommend that you take these steps as soon as possible:

  • Take photos of the location
  • Get names and contact information for witnesses if possible
  • If the police become involved, get a copy of the report
  • If the police are involved, get their badge numbers and names

If you came with friends, they can help gather information. You should take that information to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. And, as with other personal injury cases, you should never sign a legal agreement or settlement without speaking with an attorney first.

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