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Crisis in the car

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Firm News

child in car

It can be tempting to leave your child in the car while you run into the store. After all, you assume it will only be a few minutes. Leaving a child alone in a vehicle is a tremendously bad idea, though, no matter your intentions. What you and many others may not realize is the scope of the injuries that can occur to a child who is left in a car.

The Dangers of a Hot Car

Leaving a child in a hot car is incredibly dangerous. Remember, a car heats up when it’s parked – even on a cool day, the interior temperature can rise rapidly. Think about how hot you might get in a car after a few minutes with the air off, and then realize that a child’s body can warm up four times faster than that of an adult. It only takes a body temperature of 104 degrees for a child to experience heat stroke, with a temperature of 107 degrees leading to a fatality. A child in a hot car is at serious risk of death.

What to Do

You should never leave your child alone in the car, regardless of whether the air is on. If another person leaves your child in the car, it’s important to hold him or her responsible. Contacting a NV personal injury attorney might not just be the best way to make sure your child gets the care that he or she needs, but the best way to hold the other party responsible. Many people leave children in the car because they don’t think about the consequences. If your child is harmed, you should make sure that it never happens to another child.

Never leave your child alone in the car. Always check to make sure he or she is with you before locking the doors. If your child is left alone, make sure he or she gets treatment quickly – his or her life might count on it. If someone else leaves your child in the car and he or she is injured, make sure to call a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright. It is up to you to make sure your child gets the justice he or she deserves.