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Victory in the Nevada Supreme Court

by | May 30, 2017 | Firm News

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Attorneys D. Chris Albright and Mark Albright of Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright just won a major victory in the Nevada Supreme Court, reversing a Judgment upholding a multi-million dollar lien against their clients’ property, located in downtown Reno, and ordering the sale of that property to satisfy the lien.

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The 7-0 decision reversing the lower court’s Judgment was issued after briefing and an oral argument to the full Nevada Supreme Court, sitting en banc. The Court’s decision to immediately assign the case for a full panel hearing, bypassing the intermediate court of appeals or a three-judge panel, demonstrated the significance of the case.

This was a major victory by the firm on behalf of retired clients seeking to preserve their savings, and who had retained the firm to reverse earlier losses on motions and at trial, suffered before the firm was hired. The firm is proud and gratified to have reversed those earlier setbacks. D. Chris Albright, who argued the case before the Nevada Supreme Court, explained that one of the most important victories the firm was able to secure was an early Nevada Supreme Court Order allowing the mechanic’s lien foreclosure sale to be stayed, pending the appeal. “The lower court had denied a request for this relief” explained Mr. Albright, which threatened to render the appeal moot, as the property could have been sold at a mechanic’s lien foreclosure sale, long before the appeals court was able to review the errors we alleged on appeal. “But” Mr. Albright further explained, “we were able to obtain an Order from the Nevada Supreme Court that preserved our client’s property against any such foreclosure sale, until our appeal could be heard, and without requiring the clients to post what would have been a cost-prohibitive bond to obtain such a stay.”

The even more important victory before Nevada’s highest court came later, when, by a vote of 7-0, the entire Nevada Supreme Court reversed the lower court’s rulings, thereby ridding the retired clients’ savings from this substantial threat.

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