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Rental Car Accidents: What Are My Responsibilities

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Firm News

rental car accidents

Renting a car for trips to Las Vegas, Nevada can be simple and convenient. When things don’t go as planned, however, this can cause your trip to become stressful. Having an accident, for instance, will ruin any trip. Knowing how to handle the situation will help make things go a little better.

Your responsibilities

When you are involved in any accident, you have certain responsibilities. Some of the more common ones are to ensure that everyone is okay and to call the police. If you or anyone else needs medical attention, that should take top priority. Getting witness statements, police reports and photos of the accident are some other common factors.

The difference in a rental car accident is there is more paperwork involved and phone calls to make. You should call the rental car company to let them know about the accident and fill out a report with them. Insurance companies are something else you will have to deal with. Not only are you dealing with yours and the other driver’s insurance company, but you must deal with the rental car company’s insurance company. Afterwards, you deal with your credit card company.

Insurance issues

There is insurance you can purchase just for these situations. If you didn’t purchase this insurance or a collision waiver, you may end up being responsible for the rental car even if it wasn’t your fault. You may also have to pay for rental charges until it is repaired. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can guide you on what to do.

What you should do

If you find yourself in a rental car accident, it is advised to obtain the services of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright Law Firm understands the laws in Las Vegas, Nevada and can help create a better situation for you. They can handle the big insurance companies and take the stress off of you. Give them a call today, and let them fight the big dogs for you. You shouldn’t pay for an accident you didn’t cause.