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5 Driving Safety Tips for a Las Vegas Winter

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Firm News


The Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright law firm wants clients to remain safe while driving in Las Vegas during the winter. Here are five important ways for you to avoid a vehicular collision that can lead to an injury or property damage.

1: Maintain Your Vehicle for Colder Temperatures

The temperatures in Las Vegas can drop during the winter, and you need to prepare to avoid hypothermia. Pack blankets in your vehicle in case your vehicle stops operating, and make sure that you replace the antifreeze in the engine to keep a vehicle running correctly.

2: Keep Your Vehicle’s Tires Filled With Air

During the winter, the temperatures in Las Vegas can change quickly, leading to a loss of air in your vehicle’s tires. Get in the habit of checking the air in your vehicle’s tires each time that you fill the gas tank. Keep a tire gauge in your vehicle’s glove compartment to make it easier to check the air.

3: Replace a Vehicle’s Windshield Wipers

You will notice that it rains more during the winter in Las Vegas, and you need to change your vehicle’s windshield wipers to see through the glass. In most cases, the rubber material of a vehicle’s windshield wipers will degrade in one year.

4: Check Your Vehicle’s Headlights

It gets dark earlier in Las Vegas in the winter, and you will need to turn on your vehicle’s headlights sooner. Check a vehicle’s headlights to make sure that the items are working and angled at the correct directions.

5: Are You Prepared for Snow In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has mild year-round temperatures, but it snows occasionally. If you are not prepared for driving on ice or snow, then you are more likely to have an accident. Keep a snow shovel, deicer chemicals and an ice scraper inside your vehicle throughout the winter.

Know What to Do After a Vehicular Collision Occurs

If you do have a vehicular collision, then contact Las Vegas personal injury attorneys as soon as possible for expert legal assistance.