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Pokemon Don’t Go!

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Firm News

girl playing pokemon go
Be aware of your surroundings while out looking for Pokemon Go!
Pokémon Go: Have Fun, but Be Careful

A longtime, popular game franchise among youngsters, Pokémon is now capturing the attention of players of all ages. The latest installment in the series, “Pokémon Go,” incorporates augmented reality features to let players interact with game-play elements using their smartphones while they’re moving around in the real world. The benefits of playing include physical exercise and social interaction among people who otherwise would never have met, but there is a dark side to the game: some people are paying more attention to their screens than their surroundings, increasing the potential for accidents and injuries.

In Encinitas, Calif., on July 13, two men in their 20s walked off the edge of a cliff while chasing down and trying to capture Pokémon: the fictional creatures that are at the heart of “Pokémon Go.” They fell between 75 and 100 feet and had to be treated for moderate injuries.

A library in Provo, Utah, initially embraced its designation as a Pokéstop – that is, a real-world place player can visit to receive virtual, in-game gear – but changed its mind after a child was burned by lights. Officials also stated that increased traffic from Pokémon players led to a parking shortage: just the kind of situation that can cause fender-benders and other minor accidents. The library was removed as a Pokéstop by the game makers at the library’s request on Aug. 2.

As these and other incidents show, there’s plenty that can go wrong when people allow their devotion to “Pokémon Go” to overshadow their common sense and situational awareness. Those who have been injured either while playing themselves or due to the actions of other players might have recourse under the law. Contact Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright, a firm of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, for more information.