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Las Vegas Personal Injury Safety Tips

by | Aug 14, 2021 | Firm News

Las Vegas has a unique lure all its own with bright lights, casinos, shows, first-class hotels, and more.  However, along with this comes danger.  It is best if you know how to stay safe.  Follow these tips and you should be fine.

What Is the TOP Personal Injury Danger in Las Vegas?

Venturing out alone when you are not familiar with the area. Perpetrators of violent crime look for such folks and besiege them with violent actions before the victims even know what happened.  If you are on the strip as part of a tour, stick with the group as much as possible. If it is just you and your family or your buddies, avoid going off the main strip. Also, although the bright lights are a site to behold, you should not be out late at night. This is the best advice Las Vegas personal injury attorneys can give you.

Are There More Dangers on the LV Strip?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. It comes in the form of careless motorists.  It can be distracted drivers, overly aggressive drivers, or flat-out drunk drivers. If you are in a vehicle during you Vegas stay, your chances of being in an accident are high. If you are a pedestrian the same chances exist except in the form of vehicle-pedestrian collisions.

To protect yourself in the event of an accident, make sure you are following all safety tips. Do not jaywalk or dart out in front of oncoming traffic. If you do suffer a personal injury, contact Las Vegas accident attorneys, Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright for a consultation immediately.

Food Poisoning Incidents

This is something Las Vegas personal injury attorneys see a lot of — food poisoning incidents.  There are so many restaurants, bars that serve food, and street vendors too.  The way to prevent this from happening is to stick to licensed food facilities, preferably those with stellar reputations.  If you purchase food from a grocery store and prepare it yourself, check expiration dates and food color. Also be sure to follow all health guidelines when cooking this food.

Other Tips to Give Strip Visitors

Be careful around water. There are so many swimming pools in the area.  Add to that the numbers of intoxicated individuals, and it becomes a lethal combination.  Either the individuals themselves or the youngsters they are charged with supervising can drown so easily. One of the key tips to prevent such a disaster is to have several people refrain from consuming alcohol and watch over everyone else.

LV accident attorneys say another danger that runs rampant is that of slipping or tripping. The streets within the Strip are chock-full of people. Along with that comes liquid or food spills or objects falling on the ground and going unnoticed. Be certain to always be on the lookout for hazards like these. If you should suffer an injury of this nature, contact Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright, the number one Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

Who To Call If You Suffer an Injury in Las Vegas

If you are visiting the Strip and you do get injured enough to require an LV personal injury attorney, call Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright at once. Do not try to handle things yourself. They are known throughout the region as experts in personal injury law. This firm will help you determine who was at fault and if you have a good case. If you do, they will walk you through the process and be there for you each step of the way. This is exactly what you need.