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10 Tips to Drive Safe in Las Vegas

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Firm News

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With the excitement and glamour of Las Vegas comes the risk of injury to pedestrians and drivers from negligent drivers. Unfortunately there have been many who have sustained significant personal injuries that could have been avoided if a driver exercised reasonable care.

Following are 10 tips to drive safe in Las Vegas. 

1) Don’t speed! Speed limits are there for the purpose of ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians. When a person speeds, especially on the Las Vegas strip, they have less time to react when pedestrians or obstructions appear in the road.

2) Don’t drive while intoxicated! Because of the availability of alcohol and other intoxicating substances in Las Vegas, there is a significant risk of driving while intoxicating. Be sure that you are safe to drive before you turn on a vehicle.

3) Don’t text and drive! Las Vegas drivers sometimes are tempted to text while driving, taking their attention away from the road. Save your texts until you are out of the vehicle.

4) Don’t take selfies or pictures! Because of the many attractions on the strip, many drivers take the opportunity to snap selfies or record videos while driving. This can be dangerous with the crowds and traffic in Las Vegas.

5) Know where you are going! Trying to navigate and find your way around Las Vegas causes some to forget about other traffic and pedestrians. Use a hands-free navigation system or plan ahead to avoid this risk.

6) Use public transportation! Las Vegas provides several transportation options. Use them to avoid the dangers associated with driving in Vegas.

7) Know where to park! Parking in Las Vegas can be difficult, so know where to park and plan ahead.

8) Obey traffic signals! Even if you are in a hurry, do not try to run red lights. With so many people in Las Vegas, you could cause a significant accident.

9) Pay attention! Know your surroundings while driving and avoid diverting your attention elsewhere.

10) Drive defensively! Because of all of the distractions in Las Vegas, drive defensively so other drivers do not cause injury to you.

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