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The Deadly Consequences of Car Accidents with a Semi-Truck

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Firm News

semi accident

The deadlines faced by truck drivers and fatigue from long hours on the roads has led to many car accidents. Even if you try to avoid large vehicles on the highways to reduce your chances of an accident with one, there are situations where you can get locked into a blind spot. When inclement weather plays a part, the speed of the tractor-trailer and particular circumstances may conflict with a rigorous schedule. There are also times when loads are not secured properly and car drivers are injured by falling objects. The people who have walked away from semi accidents have been permanently crippled in the majority of cases or will face lifelong quality of life issues.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it is important to speak with no one regarding the case. When you provide any statements to insurance adjusters, they can be twisted around to diminish your claim. It is paramount that you contact an attorney immediately to begin building the case with expert testimony and evidence before it spoils.

Only a premier Las Vegas semi-truck accident lawyer who specializes in these cases knows the in’s and out’s to ensure your victory. In many cases, you need a semi truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas [sic] because they specialize in the complicated aspects of calculating awards in wrongful death cases.

When you work with a specialist, the Defendants lose their self-confidence from the door. Most cases are won on confidence before the case ever goes to trial. When you have a hard-working law firm in your corner, the defendants won’t bet on playing games to dodge liability.

Only the most experienced attorneys in this field know how to present your claims in the strongest light to maximize compensation. A prima facie case is the state of yet to be proven legal theories for compensation. Only, premier Las Vegas wrongful death lawyers can build the technical prima facie case and topple the defense with the sheer magnitude of the carefully calculated damages incurred to force settlements.