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Wrong Way Accidents

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Firm News

wrong way accident

The ubiquity of GPS navigation has led to an increase in wrong way accidents. Just because that GPS app tells you that you can turn left in 100-feet doesn’t guarantee that you actually can. In cities that have short blocks or tricky streets to navigate, it is very easy for drivers to mistakenly take the turns a little too early and wind up on one-way streets. In the past, these accidents were generally limited to negligent drivers who were distracted or under the influence. If you rely too heavily on GPS navigation, you are at risk of making some wrong turns at least once every few weeks.

If you or a loved one have been in involved in such an accident, you must immediately contact the premier car accident attorneys in Las Vegas. A premier Las Vegas car accident attorney will present your case in the strongest light for maximum compensation. With a gifted LV car accident lawyer in your corner, the defendants will typically agree to settle before trial.

These accidents can be traumatizing, no matter how lucky you may have been to walk away. The reality is that wrong way accidents are at the highest risk for head-on collisions. This means that the full impact, mass, and speed of both vehicles is combined into a powerful blow that can total brand-new vehicles and incur serious harm to passengers. Even at low speeds, the front facias in modern automobiles are designed to completely deteriorate. This crumple zone technology trades lives for huge financial losses. It may be more expensive to repair the vehicles than it is to write them off as totaled.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a wrong way accident, it is important to remain silent. Third parties such as insurers or police can record what you say and twist it around to weaken your claims. If any police or insurance adjusters ask for information, you must tell them to contact your attorney. Have friends or family take clear photos of the accident scene and driving conditions. Premier car accident attorneys in Las Vegas are well-versed in presenting your case for a favorable outcome.