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Seat Belt Crack Down

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Firm News

seat belt

Summertime in Nevada always means it is “click it or ticket” time throughout the state for all law enforcement agencies, as they have all been required to work horrible crashes. The primary concern for all police officers is for everyone to comply with the seat belt law because the numbers are countless regarding how many lives they have saved since the 1970s. Just as in all other states, Nevada authorities know the roadways are much more congested during the summer months, which always results in more accidents as well. The time to focus on accident reduction is when the danger is highest, and that time is now, hopefully helping to reduce the number of accidents on Nevada highways that will require legal representation from a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer.

Seat Belts by the Numbers
There are many statistics associated with the need for using seat belts in all vehicles for all passengers, even is an SUV or van. Studies show that many more people die from being ejected from a vehicle than those who are harnessed in a seat. Over 48% of highway fatalities involved passengers who were not wearing seat belts, not to mention those who were seriously injured. Permanent disability can be a very traumatic experience following an auto accident, often times injuries that could have been avoided for those more safety conscious.

Why Injured Victims Need Attorneys
Recovering damages following an accident can be a difficult task, even when the respondent insurance company is not arguing the claim. Many insurance agents realize when they will be required to pay an obvious case and make a quick low-level offer to avoid any further payout damage. Once the injured party signs on the dotted line the claim ends and no further compensation is available. This is often what happens when the agent suggests to the claimant that they do not need legal counsel, and it is often an immediate red flag that there is more compensation available when an attorney handles the claim. Statistics actually show that many injured accident victims get up to three times as much compensation when they hire a Reno personal injury lawyer to handle the case.

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