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You’ve been hit, but they run? Tips for your next steps after a hit and run accident

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Firm News

Hit and Run

A hit and run occurs in a flash, but you have a lifetime of damages. You cannot wait for weeks or months before taking action against the guilty party. Know the steps that you must take after a hit and run accident.

Call the Police

Police officers are trained to handle hit and runs. They know how to collect evidence and start the investigation right away. The officer will interview you at the crime scene or hospital if you are recovering from an injury.

The Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright personal injury lawyers work closely with law enforcement. However, you must cooperate by being 100% honest about the events that surrounded your accident. Answer each question carefully because each response is used as evidence in your favor.

Collect Evidence

With or without the police’s help, start collecting evidence from the crime scene. Start the process immediately because some evidence will disappear quickly. Before the car speeds away, try to write down the license plate number and a detailed description of the car or truck. Take pictures of the scene and obtain any security camera footage.

If an injury prevents you from remembering certain details, you’ll need a witness. Stay in close contact with anyone who you encountered that day. Anyone who is unsure about the procedures of handling witness testimony should work with a Las Vegas hit and run attorney.

Record Your Injuries

Immediately after the accident get yourself checked out medically. Save every medical image, document and bill that you receive. A good Las Vegas personal injury attorney knows that you cannot rely solely on witness testimony and police reports. Showing proof through medical documentation is the best way to receive anything in court.

Call an Attorney

You cannot rely simply on luck to get you through a serious accident. If it’s a hit and run, the process becomes even more complex. Reduce the frustrations of paying medical bills when you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. You’ll need the expertise of a Las Vegas car accident attorney at the offices of Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright. Have one of their legal professionals walk you through the next step.