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Running Red Lights at Intersections in Las Vegas, Causing Personal Injury

Posted by: on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

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Running Red Lights at Intersections in Las Vegas, Nevada

When traffic lights turn red, police all around the valley say many drivers simply ignore them. At Albright Stoddard, we are not certain why there is such a problem with obeying traffic lights in Las Vegas, but it may have something to do with the tens of thousands of people who work swing and graveyard shifts in the local hotel casino industry. We don’t have one or two rush hours a day, but potentially six rush hours, particularly when the millions of tourists are placed in the mix.

In an effort to get drivers to pay more attention and obey the signals, Southern Nevada law enforcement recently teamed up and saturated some of the most traveled intersections to issue citations.

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Within a few weeks, police ticketed hundreds of people. For example, in just Henderson and North Las Vegas combined, more than 1,000 citations were handed out to drivers who sped through red lights in a single month. This did not even include those in the busier intersections in Las Vegas and along the Strip corridor.

Chrissie Coon with the North Las Vegas Police Department said recently in a KLAS TV special, that running a red light can have serious consequences. In many cases people who run red lights aren’t just breaking the law; they are putting other lives in jeopardy. Indeed, everyone else in or near the intersection is at risk.

“These crashes are so dangerous because at intersections you typically have cars that are going road speed, 45 to 50, and even 60 miles per hour. And when vehicles collide in the middle of an intersection at a high rate of speed (often a T-bone type of collision with the two vehicles), that increases the chances that someone is going to be seriously injured or killed,” said Coon. Of course, when one of the drivers are on a motorcycle, the injuries are often more serious and deadly.

Metro traffic officers keep track of the top injury collision intersections in their jurisdiction. Rainbow at Charleston and Nellis at Stewart tops the list.

Trooper Loy Hixson with Nevada Highway Patrol said the goal for the Silver State has always been zero fatalities and by upping patrols, they hope the message will finally sink in.

“When you as a driver take those risky options, when you’re out there taking those chances, running a red light, speeding, even driving under the influence these are the things preventing people from coming back to their loved ones safely,” said Hixson.

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If you have been hit by a vehicle when the driver ran through a red light at an intersection, call the auto accident attorneys at Albright Stoddard for a free consultation of your case and damages. Call 702-384-7111.

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