Business Formations and Start-Ups

Las Vegas Corporate Law Attorneys

Business Formations and Start-Ups

The Las Vegas corporate law attorneys at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright regularly form new business entities and handle various legal aspects of new business start-ups, from formations of the entity to documenting the agreements of business partners about how the business will be run and profits will be shared. See our article on this website, entitled “Maximizing Asset Protection through the Use of Nevada Corporations and LLCs”.

In order to avoid disputes between business partners, our corporate formation attorneys provide counsel to our clients on how to properly document the parties’ agreements before commencing business, including the use of stock buy-sell agreements, and the proper documenting of LLC member and manager agreements in operating agreements. For example, see our Blog post entitled “Planning for Business Disputes for Nevada LLCs or Corporations”.

Our firm’s business formation and start-up practice regularly:

  • Forms Nevada corporations
  • Prepares bylaws
  • Prepares corporate resolutions
  • Obtains employer ID numbers
  • Files subchapter-S election forms
  • Issues stock and all other areas of corporate maintenance and formality.

Similarly our start-up attorneys are very experienced in:

  • Forming Nevada LLCs
  • Preparing operating agreements; and
  • Handling all types of issues and agreements involving members and managers of limited liability companies.

We also handle business licensing of all kinds.

One common use of the Nevada LLC is the holding of investment property. See our blog post about the importance of using a licensed Nevada attorney when transferring investment property into a Nevada LLC.

Contact the Las Vegas corporate law attorneys at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright in regards to business formations and start-ups.