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Nevada Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Posted by: on Tue, Apr 30, 2013

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Clark County Nevada and the surrounding areas of Southern Nevada are year round ideal recreational areas, and many residents and visitors who bring their recreational vehicles (and ATVs or All Terrain Vehicles) with them to the mountains and the deserts near Las Vegas. While this is a wonderful desert environment with plenty to offer, including beautiful sand dunes and miles of desert trails, hundreds of people suffer serious injuries each year while they are riding ATVs, dune buggies and other recreational vehicles.

The attorneys at Albright Stoddard are familiar with many types of accidents involving these vehicles, and we will be able to help you with your personal injury case. We have operated many types of RVs in and around Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona and California. You should contact a lawyer at Albright Stoddard as soon as possible after the accident at 702-384-7111.

Recreational Vehicles and Accidents

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Southern Nevada and contiguous recreational areas in Utah, Arizona and Southern California, are home to mountain and desert trails. Riding ATVs in the great outdoors is a popular hobby for many thousands of locals and tourists alike. Dune buggies are another popular type of recreational vehicle, most often used in the desert environment, such as sand dunes. The all-terrain vehicles and dune buggies may be fun, but they do carry with them a risk of accident when the operators/drivers are not familiar with the terrain and what is over the next hill. In addition to these types of recreational vehicles, travel trailers, RVs, motor homes, snow mobiles, dirt bikes, etc. often cause injury to the people riding these types of recreational vehicles in the wilderness areas around Las Vegas.

Product defects or failure of the safety features on the recreational vehicles is a possibility, which can cause injuries to the riders, passengers, and others in the area. Another cause of many accidents in the area is negligent drivers, and drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These drivers can cause serious injury to others. Another problem is lack of proper training and experience or too young of drivers being allowed to travel where and how they want.

Recreational Vehicles Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our attorneys have deep ties to the Clark County, Nevada, area, and we have been helping clients in the area for more than 40 years. We fight to protect their rights after they suffer an injury or lose a loved one in an accident while enjoying the recreational spaces in the area.

We have more than 165 combined years of trial and litigation experience that we are able to bring to your case. We know how recreational accidents can happen because our attorneys are outdoor enthusiasts themselves. With our experience, we understand how to investigate ATV accidents, motor home accidents, snowmobile accidents, dirt bike accidents and other recreation accidents. It is estimated that some 75% of victims from ATV accidents suffer a head or spinal cord injury which can result in a lifelong physical problems and special care.

Too often, victims of these sorts of injuries do not know where to turn for help, especially when making an insurance claim. Our attorneys are able to handle many different types of personal injury cases involving recreational vehicles, including ATV accidents, dune buggy injuries, and problems with defective equipment and safety gear. No matter what type of personal injury case you might have, you can be sure we can help you. Give us a call today at 702-384-7111.

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