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Who is Liable When My Airbags Don’t Deploy?

Posted by: on Fri, Mar 06, 2020

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airbag did not deployYou expect to drive a car that is safe. The features that are designed to keep you and your family unharmed should work. Airbags are an especially important vehicle safety device. If yours failed to deploy in an accident and you have been injured as a result, then you have a right to claim compensation. A personal injury law firm in Vegas can help you do so.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

If your airbag failed, it may owe to one or more defects, including the following:

1. Design

There are instances in which the design of the airbag is flawed. If this is found to be the case, then you can hold the company responsible for the creation and production of the airbag accountable.

2. Manufacturing

The company that designs the airbag may not be the same one that manufacturers it. Many companies outsource the manufacturing of their products. However, they are still responsible for ensuring that each product sold under their brand is safe. If your airbag failed to deploy because of a design flaw, you can hold both the manufacturer and the designer liable.

3. Marketing

Your airbag should come with certain instructions and warnings. You should be made aware of any maintenance requirements and other kinds of information regarding the airbag. If you received none of this, then you can hold file a suit against the company responsible for properly labelling and providing instructions for the airbag.

The failure of an airbag to function properly can lead to severe injuries. You can be put on your back for days and be forced to spend a great deal of money. A personal injury law firm in Vegas can help you get compensation from the company responsible for the defect that led to your injury.

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