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Whitewater Rafting Accident Injuries

Posted by: on Mon, Apr 29, 2019

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whitewater rafting

For many people, a whitewater rafting trip can be the experience of a lifetime. Along with enjoying beautiful scenery, they also experience an adrenaline rush that has no equal. However, while these adventures are exhilarating, they are also dangerous. In fact, at least 50 people die annually from whitewater rafting accidents, and hundreds more are seriously injured. If you find yourself in this position, contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit against those who were negligent and careless in regards to your safety.

Types of Injuries
In these situations, many injuries can occur. The most common include broken bones or fractures from being ejected from the raft and striking rocks or other objects in the river. In other instances, traumatic brain injuries occur, which are often life-threatening and debilitating. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries, contact LV accident attorneys for legal advice and guidance.

Injury Liability
In most cases, participants in a whitewater rafting trip are required to sign a waiver prior to the trip. However, this does not automatically mean the company is released from liability. For example, if you did not have sufficient time to read the waiver before signing it, or if it contained language you did not understand, LV accident attorneys may be able to prove it was not valid. 

Proving Negligence
To prove negligence in these cases, your attorney must show the company failed to use reasonable care regarding your safety. Common examples of this include failing to provide you with proper safety equipment, having guides who were not properly trained, or venturing into waters that were known to be dangerous.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a whitewater rafting accident, do not hesitate to contact the law firm of Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright to discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit.