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Safety Tips for Las Vegas Roads

Posted by: on Fri, Jun 10, 2016

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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a busy hub for people of all sorts. Due to the high volume of tourists, a lack of familiarity with traffic patterns and upcoming turns can lead to risky driving that threatens both drivers and pedestrians alike. However, anyone using Las Vegas roads can practice a few simple things that will help them stay safe on the streets.
As a pedestrian . . .
–Always use sidewalks or other lanes designated for walking. If this isn’t possible, face traffic and stay as far left as possible.
–Cross only at intersections, preferably ones with traffic signals and crosswalks.
–Look at the driver before crossing to confirm the driver has seen you.
As a driver . . .
–Expect pedestrians, especially at night. Staying alert will stop you from slamming on the brakes if one comes “out of nowhere” into your path.
–Always scan crosswalk areas and be prepared to stop. If there is a pedestrian in a crosswalk, stop early so other drivers are aware of the person.
–Even if the pedestrian is not currently in your lane, wait until they have safely crossed the street.
–When turning, scan for pedestrians, not just vehicles.
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