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Understanding Water Law And Natural Resources

At Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright, our Las Vegas transactional attorneys understand natural resources, especially including water law and mining law.

Water law issues abound in the desert Southwest and many of our business, ranching and mining clients know that protecting their water rights is an essential part of doing business in this part of the country. Our water rights attorneys understand the complicated nature of water rights, and how they must be handled with careful attention in purchase and sale transactions. We also litigate matters involving disputed water rights. Common issues in purchasing water rights include ensuring the validity of good and clear title to such rights, which are issues our attorneys understand well. See our blog post on the importance of using a Nevada water rights lawyer in water rights purchase and sale transactions.

We Regularly Assist Businesses Facing Natural Resource And Mineral Issues

Some of our major clients include Nevada mining operations, including construction companies and materials suppliers who regularly face issues involving natural resources and minerals of all kinds, including precious mineral issues. Our attorneys understand the issues these clients face not only in utilizing their mining and mineral rights, but also the water law, environmental law and licensing issues that are involved in these kinds of business operations.

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