North Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer

A North Las Vegas truck accident can be devastating, especially if the at-fault party doesn’t want to pay. Reach out to a truck accident lawyer for help getting your maximum compensation.

Commercial trucks are a key part of getting goods from one place to another, keeping us supplied with the things we need. But that doesn’t mean they’re always safe. You may have already suffered through a serious truck accident, and now, you need help.

At Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright, we’re ready to help you seek compensation after your accident. If you’re unsure how to act on your lawsuit, your North Las Vegas truck accident lawyer is here and ready to act.

Liability for a North Las Vegas Truck Accident

After a North Las Vegas truck accident, you may have trouble determining who’s at fault for your truck accident. For example, you may know the truck driver was being careless. But are they the ones who will pay for your losses?

Often, the settlement for your North Las Vegas truck accident claim is the responsibility of the trucking company. They chose to hire the truck driver, and so they’re liable for anything the truck driver does while on the job. Because of this, your truck accident lawyer may help you file a claim against the company.

But the trucking company isn’t always the party at fault for your losses caused by the accident. For example, you may have been injured because a truck part was defective. They lost control of their commercial vehicle because of this defect. Your truck accident lawyer may investigate this issue and determine whether the manufacturer may be at fault for your losses.

Compensation for North Las Vegas Truck Accident Victims

After you determine who’s at fault for your injuries, you need to know what your claim is worth. Your claim should cover all your damages—if your compensation doesn’t cover all your losses, you won’t get another chance for more compensation.

Because of this, your truck accident lawyer in North Las Vegas will ensure you include all your economic and non-economic damages in your claim. The former may be easier to calculate because these damages cover your financial losses. That includes car repairs, time off work, and medical costs, among other damages. These can be added up and included in your request for compensation.

But your non-economic damages may be a little more complex. These damages cover your pain and suffering, your emotional distress, and other emotional and mental damages. These losses may be intangible, but you still deserve fair compensation for them. Because of this, you may need to talk with your truck accident lawyer about your non-economic damages and their value.

Contact Your Truck Accident Lawyer in North Las Vegas

If you’re hurt in a serious truck accident, you may not have time to waste—the clock is ticking, and acting on time is key to recovering from your injuries physically and financially. Luckily, the Nevada lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright are prepared to act fast for your compensation.

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