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Notable 2009 Cases

Posted by: on Thu, Feb 12, 2009

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S. Blake Murchison v. Station Casinos Inc.; Fertitta Colony Partners L.L.C.; Fertitta Partners L.L.C.; Colony Capital L.L.C.; Frank Fertitta I I I; Lorenzo Fertitta; Thomas J. Barrack Jr.; Jonathan H. Grunzweig; James Nave; Thomas Friel; Scott Nielson; Kevin Kelley 2/12/2009 2:09-cv-00293-KJD-GWF (Las Vegas)

Alimak Hek v. Republic Tower and Hoist; A578256; Contract action; Defendant failed to pay the remaining $2.7 million for six construction hoists utilized at the Echelon construction project on the Las Vegas strip. Plaintiffs successfully obtained a writ of possession for return of the construction equipment after the project was placed on hold.

Dr. Kevin Windisch, v. Hometown Health Plant Inc.; Hometown Health Partners, Benefit Administrators Inc: Hometown Health Providers Insurance Co Inc. ; filed December 19, 2008, USDC Nevada, 3:08-CV-00664;
Plaintiffs brought class action on behalf of physicians and health care groups alleging insurers systematically deny reimbursement to health care providers who have provided medically necessary covered services. Plaintiffs allege insurers routinely and unjustifiably refuse to pay for or reduce payment for such services. Edmond Murry v. Shay Head; Mike Head; Designer Fans And Lighting L.L.C. 1/28/2009 a581234 Contract action. Defendant defaulted on a loan.

Club Vista Financial Services; Tharaldson Motels II Inc.; Gary Tharaldson v. Scott Financial Corp.; Bradley Scott; Bank Of Oklahoma; Gemstone Development West; Asphalt Products Corp.; Apco Construction
1/13/2009 a579963
Fraud complaint centering on a $150 million real estate loan for the construction of the Manhattan West project. Plaintiffs recently discovered fraud involving the loan, and seek to have the agreement terminated. Plaintiffs allege the loan documents are not legally binding.

Ana Aguirre De Diaz; Fatima Diaz v. Summerlin Hospital Medical Center; Valley Health System; Kara May R.N.; Summerlin Hospital Medical Center; Valley Health System; Jasmine Tinana; Summerlin Hospital Medical Center; Valley Health System; Amy Kim; Summerlin Hospital Medical Center; Valley Health System; Teresa Malto; Summerlin Hospital Medical Center; Valley Health System
1/14/2009 a580077
Medical malpractice action. Plaintiff suffered second-degree burns to her hand when defendants allowed a caustic substance to leak from her IV.
Taser International Inc. v. Stinger Systems Inc.; James Mc Nulty; Robert Grunder 2/11/2009 2:09-cv-00289 (Las Vegas)
Securities complaint. Taser International accuses its competitor, Stinger Systems Inc., of an “ongoing plot” to damage its reputation through “fraudulent and misleading press releases” and “defamatory ‘whisper campaigns.’” The efforts not only damaged plaintiff’s reputation, but also artificially manipulated stock prices.
Festival Sports Inc. v. Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority
2/10/2009 2:09-cv-00277-JCM-RJJ
(Las Vegas)
Plaintiff says the Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority tried to prevent it from relocating its volleyball tournament to Phoenix by falsely informing Phoenix officials that a letter of intent between plaintiff and the visitors’ authority was a binding agreement.