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LV Golf Cart Accidents and Laws

Posted by: on Tue, Apr 30, 2019

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golf cart accident

Las Vegas has long been a place where millions of people come to escape. When you’re due for a vacation, the casinos and golf courses of Las Vegas are an attraction like no other.

And when it comes to golf courses, the city of Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s finest and busiest. This means that, while navigating the course, you will have plenty of occasion to be in the vicinity of moving golf carts.

Don’t Let a Golf Cart Injury Bankrupt You

There are laws against the reckless operation of golf carts, both on and off the golf course. If you were injured by another person operating such a vehicle in a reckless manner, you have the right to sue them for full compensation.

You can contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to give you the aid and counsel you need to make your case in a court of law. No matter what your insurance company may say, if the accident involved a violation of golf cart operation laws, then the driver was the one to blame – not you. 

Contact the Law Firm of Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright Today

If you require full compensation for a golf cart injury, contact the firm of Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright today. We can represent your case in court in order to get the full settlement you deserve for your injuries. We’ll set you up with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney who will stop at nothing to get justice and full coverage for your pain and suffering.

We are a firm of expert Las Vegas accident attorneys who can force your insurance company to give you the settlement you are due. Get in touch with a LV golf cart accident lawyer at our firm today to learn more about what we can do on your behalf.