Can I Sue a Truck Driver for an Accident?

When you’re hurt by another driver, it’s already complex and can be difficult to pinpoint the financially responsible party. When the driver who struck your vehicle was in a commercial truck, it can feel impossible to get answers. Luckily, your Las Vegas truck accident lawyer at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can help. 

If you’ve been struck by a truck driver in a serious accident and you need help, check out the details you may need for a lawsuit. We can help you recover after your accident. 

The Employer May Be Responsible

When a truck driver is careless on the road, they may have been the cause of your accident. But who’s financially responsible for your accident? 

Truck drivers are typically on the clock, and if so, this means they may be the responsibility of their employer. When they injure you in the scope of their employment, you may be due compensation for your injuries from the employer, not the employee. Because of this, you may need to turn to your lawyer for help filing the claim against the right party. 

Other Factors in Truck Accidents 

But it’s not always the driver’s fault. While they may have been involved in the crash, they may have been giving their job their full attention. In these cases, you may need to look beyond the driver to locate the cause of the truck accident. 

In some cases, a part of the truck may have been manufactured with a defect. The manufacturer may have neglected to make a safe product, and now, you’re suffering for it. 

Even the road itself can be hazardous. Let’s say you or the truck driver hit a pothole that damaged a wheel or an axle, which lead to the crash. The Nevada Department of Transportation may be responsible for damage caused by their failure to repair road defects. 

Compensation for a Truck Accident 

When you’re hurt by a truck driver, you may have grounds to seek compensation. But determining the value of your accident can be tough. You need compensation for your economic damages, or the financial costs of your accident, and your non-economic damages, which cover the mental and emotional suffering the accident caused. 

Unsure what damages you can include in your claim? Start with the list below and speak to your lawyer about your specific damages: 

Connect with a Lawyer 

Hurt by a truck driver in an accident? You may have grounds for compensation. But you may also be unsure who to sue after a truck accident. 

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