Las Vegas Burn Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been burned because someone else was careless, you may be due compensation. Reach out to a Las Vegas burn lawyer for help getting fairly compensated.

nurse putting bondage for patients hand with burnBurns are painful injuries, and it can take a lot of time to recover from them. You may need compensated for the damage someone else caused. But you also may be struggling to overcome your injuries during your lawsuit.

It’s hard to juggle a lawsuit and your physical recovery, so get help from the lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright. Your Las Vegas burn injury lawyer can guide you to the compensation you’re due for your claim.

Common Burn Injury Causes

Burn injuries can happen anywhere, and there are different types of burns that your claim could cover—thermal, electrical, friction, and chemical burns can all be serious.

Burns cover a range of injuries. For example, you may have been in a car accident when your vehicle caught fire. Or you just tried a new brand of makeup that contained a dangerous chemical, burning your face. No matter the type, you may be due compensation for that suffering.

If you’ve suffered a burn from any of the following sources, among many others, you may be due compensation for the negligence of the at-fault party:

  • Fire
  • Faulty electrical equipment
  • Products with dangerous chemicals

Seeking Compensation in Las Vegas for a Burn Injury

When you’re hurt and suffering from a burn, you may have grounds for a Las Vegas burn injury lawsuit. For example, you may have grounds to sue an at-fault driver if that driver hit you and you were burned by your car catching fire.

Identifying the at-fault party isn’t always easy, but that’s where your burn injury lawyer from Las Vegas can step in. They can investigate to help you identify the at-fault party.

They can also help you determine what your compensation is worth. In most cases, you are due compensation for both your financial losses, like medical bills or lost wages, and emotional losses, like pain and suffering.

Your Burn Injury Compensation Can Be Limited

But that doesn’t mean you’ll receive the total compensation you’re due for your injuries. The at-fault party may not be so willing to pay, and they may try to shift the blame to you. They may claim you are 20 percent at fault for your losses, as an example. If you don’t fight back, you would only receive 80 percent of your compensation.

That’s a serious reduction in your compensation, and you don’t have to accept that loss. Your burn injury lawyer can help you pursue your maximum compensation by proving you weren’t at fault for your injuries in Las Vegas.

Talk with a Burn Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you’ve suffered a serious burn, you’re suffering from severe injuries that make it harder to get compensated fairly for your losses. Here’s the good news—your lawyer from Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can help you get compensated for your losses. Reach out to a Las Vegas burn injury lawyer for a free consultation by calling (702) 384-7111 or by filling out the online contact form below.