Whom Do I Sue After a Las Vegas Car Accident?

After a serious car accident, you may be ready already to get your compensation and focus on your recovery. The problem is, it’s not always easy to determine who caused the accident. Whether it’s a multi-car accident or a single-car accident, the answers aren’t always clear. So whom do you sue after a Las Vegas car accident?

If you’re struggling to get answers, reach out for the lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright. We can identify the at-fault party and represent you in court for your compensation.

The Other Las Vegas Driver

In most Las Vegas car accidents, the answer is often that the other driver caused your car accident. They may have been driving distracted, or drowsy, or maybe they were even under the influence. But in all these cases, they were driving carelessly, and negligence is grounds for a lawsuit.

If multiple drivers were involved, your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas can gather evidence, including eyewitnesses. This evidence can pinpoint the at-fault driver or drivers in your car accident.

When Employers Are At Fault

Knowing which driver caused the Las Vegas car accident doesn’t always mean you know who’s paying for your damages. The other driver may have been on the clock, which means they’re the responsibility of their employer.

When an employee is careless on the job, that employee may have caused the damage, but they’re not always financially responsible. You may need your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas to help you identify their employer and seek compensation from them as the liable party.

What if No One at the Scene Was At Fault?

Sometimes, you and any other drivers may have been as careful as possible. Unfortunately, you or someone else still lost control of your vehicle and crashed. So who’s responsible when this happens?

In these cases, you may be eligible for compensation from parties like the department of transportation in your area or a manufacturer, depending on why you crashed. For example, if your brakes failed, the manufacturer may have failed to make a safe product. If road hazards like potholes caused your accident, the Nevada Department of Transportation may be liable for your injuries.

Get Help with Your Las Vegas Car Accident Lawsuit

When you’re hurt in a Las Vegas car accident, you may not know who to sue in the aftermath. It can be difficult to identify the at-fault party and move forward. Luckily, the lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can help, starting with a free consultation. To take advantage of yours, call (702) 384-7111 or complete the online contact form below.