What Is a Fictitious Firm Name?

When you’re starting a business, you may have a lot of technical information to sift through. The paperwork for starting a business is already daunting, but even choosing the name of your business can be a complicated task. 

Your business name may not be exactly the same as the name you want on your sign. But how do you do business under a different name without landing in legal trouble? Your first step is to contact the lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright. A business formation lawyer can help you understand fictitious firm names and how to use one for your business in Nevada.

Your Fictitious Firm Name, or DBA 

When you’re starting your business, you may have a legal business name and the name you want your business to be called. This is especially important for sole proprietors. If your name is John Smith, for example, but you want to call your business Johnny Appleseed Tax Prep, you may need to get a fictitious firm name. This legally states that you’re doing business as (DBA) another name. 

But even other business types, like limited-liability companies or corporations, may need to file for a fictitious firm name or DBA. This paperwork allows you to operate under another name, as well as ensuring your business paperwork is legal and binding under the names your business works under. 

Registering Your Business Name

Worried about your business name? Your business formation lawyer can help you make the process easy. First, your lawyer can help you gather the correct paperwork and complete it. Once your paperwork is complete, you need to file it with the local county clerk. Your lawyer can determine which court your DBA will fall under so you can file it in the right place. 

Once your paperwork is filed, the county clerk will determine whether your fictitious name meets the standards for Nevada businesses. For example, your fictitious business name can’t include the words “Corporation” or “Incorporated” unless you are legally a corporation under Nevada law.

Once your name is filed and you’ve paid the fees, your business name should be set. Of course, that may not be the only paperwork you need to complete—you may find yourself facing plenty of other types of complex paperwork. Your business lawyer can help you overcome these hurdles and focus on your business. 

Simplify the Business Formation Process with a Lawyer 

When you’re starting a business, the paperwork can get a little complex. Maybe you’re not sure what name to form your business under. Maybe you have some questions about the steps after you’ve chosen your name. 

A business formation lawyer at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can make these steps simpler and faster. Avoid complicated legal problems with your business so you can start making a profit as soon as possible. Ready to discuss your business? Talk with your lawyer during a free consultation. Call 702-384-7111 or complete our online contact form