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Golf Course Accidents and Personal Injuries in Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted by: on Thu, May 30, 2013

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Golf Course Accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada

Golf courses are generally beautiful places to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Trees and waterways create a mirage in the Nevada desert. It is hard to believe this photo was taken in the desert just north of Las Vegas at the MGM Shadow Creek golf course. But if a reckless player, defective golf course maintenance, or an unsafe path causes an injury, the fun is quickly removed from a friendly game.

The negligent party is liable to the injured victim

  • If a reckless driver causes a golf cart accident, an injured passenger can be compensated by the driver’s homeowner insurance policy. Other golfers who are hit by the cart can also file a claim for negligent driving. Talk to a golf cart accident lawyer at the Albright Stoddard law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Did a golfer fail to yell “fore” to warn others on the course? If you were hit and seriously injured by a golf ball, talk to a Nevada personal injury attorney about compensation for a golf ball injury, particularly in the head or eye.
  • If a defective sprinkler system flooded a path causing a slippery hazard, an injured golfer may have a premises liability case against a negligent landscaper. A dangerous path or a poorly maintained landscape can cause injury. If it does, call us, tell us about your golf course accident, and we will explain your options.

A golf ball, like any speeding projectile, can cause considerable damage to both people and property. Although the likelihood of being struck with a golf ball is relatively low, a small percentage of ball strikes do cause life-threatening injuries. In 1999, Golf Digest Magazine published a report on a series of tests involving golf balls and automobile crash dummies conducted by Dr. Dave Janda of the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine. A golf ball machine was used to propel the ball and hit the dummy in the head, chest and arm at the same potential speed as could occur on the course. Computer equipment measured the impact on the dummies to determine the extent of injuries. The test found that injuries could be serious, many fatal, unless treated properly and quickly. The most vulnerable area is the temporal area of the skull. Golfers can also be injured if they are standing too close to a golfer and are struck by a swinging golf club, either on the back swing or forward swing. The consumption of alcohol can also complicate injuries. For example, a head injury combined with alcohol can be fatal. If you are hit in the head or eye by either a club or ball, seek medical attention promptly.


Reasons for Calling a Las Vegas Golf Course Accident Attorney

  • Poorly Maintained Golf Courses
  • Hazardous or Unsafe Cart Path Design
  • Reckless Players
  • Player Intoxication
  • Lack of Signage regarding Hazards
  • Golf Cart Defects or Malfunctions
  • Golf Cart Accidents
  • Being Hit by Golf Balls
  • Slips and Falls
  • Golf Course Clubhouse Injuries and Accidents

Common Golf Course Injuries

  • Head Injuries
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Joint Injuries
  • Muscle Injuries

Establishing Liability in a Nevada Golf Course Accident Claim

There can frequently be numerous liable parties in a Las Vegas Metro Area golf course accident claim. The circumstances and events leading up to your golf course accident will ultimately determine who the liable parties are. Possible liable parties may be the Hotel/Casino owner, golf course designers and architects, homeowners associations, landscapers, third party contractors and the golf course parent company. Regardless of how complex your case may be, the attorneys at Albright Stoddard will work tirelessly to identify all liable parties and make them accountable legally for your injuries.


Let a Clark County, Nevada Golf Course Accident Lawyer Help You

If you or a loved one have been injured on a Clark County, Nevada, golf course, please contact the law office of Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright at 702-384-7111 regarding your Clark County Nevada Premises Liability Claim. You may also e-mail us at We handle tourist accident cases as well as cases involving Nevada citizens. Tell us about your accident and your injuries so we can analyze your damages and the liability issues.

Injuries from Golf Carts

From 1990 to 2006, approximately 147,700 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries relating to golf carts. These numbers continue to increase. In 1990, 5,772 people went to the emergency room for golf related injuries. In 2006, 13,411 people were treated. Injuries incurred when falling from golf carts are the most reported problem. If a person falls from a golf cart and hits their head, the consequences can be catastrophic. For example, a Chicago man fell from a golf cart driven by a course employee and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. If you are tasked with driving the golf cart, take this responsibility seriously. Do not drive too fast, and take into consideration the weather and terrain. Brake carefully and slowly, especially on slopes. Slow down for turns. Finally, remind other passengers to keep arms and legs inside the cart at all times, and never engage in horseplay. Remember, without a seat belt, occupants can easily fall out of a golf cart!

Slip and Fall Accidents and Other Injuries on the Golf Course

Many people sue to be compensated when they were hit by a golf ball especially if they were injured by it. The issue of negligence may materialize from the player’s commission or omission of an action if a reasonable individual could foresee that the action or omission may cause other people to get hurt.

Golf course owner or operator

An injured individual can also try to determine whether the golf course owner is responsible for the accident. One vital way of doing this is by finding out if the golf course is publicly or privately owned. If the golf course is publicly owned, the government may be immune from any kind of liability or responsibility for an ordinary negligence.

Meanwhile, a golf course operator or owner may be viewed as liable for an accident if there is a failure in applying ordinary care in preserving the areas in safe and good condition.

Golf course builder or designer

A court may rule that a golf course was improperly designed or built, thus placing the players at a bigger danger compared to what is expected. In general, an injured individual must be able to prove that the area contained unseen dangers or it was negligently designed before damages may be awarded.

Proving liability in golf course accidents is not easy because of the legalities that surround the process. Injured individuals may have a higher chance of attaining this goal by asking for the legal help of skilled personal injury lawyers.

Nevada Slip and Fall and Open and Obvious Danger Law

The Nevada Supreme Court focuses on the newly adopted Restatement (Third) of Torts: Physical and Emotional Harm section 51 (2012), which provides that:

[A] land possessor owes a duty of reasonable care to entrants on the land with regard to:

(a) conduct by the land possessor that creates risks to entrants on the land;

(b) artificial conditions on the land that pose risks to entrants on the land;

(c) natural conditions on the land that pose risks to entrants on the land; and

(d) other risks to entrants on the land when any of the affirmative duties . . . is applicable.

The Court recently noted that this duty of reasonable care for the safety of persons entering the land extends “to all entrants on the land (except for flagrant trespassers)”, concluding that “landowners bear a general duty of reasonable care to all entrants, regardless of the open and obvious nature of dangerous conditions.” The Court then went on, stating that the “duty issue must be analyzed with regard to foreseeability and gravity of harm, and the feasibility and availability of alternative conduct that would have prevented the harm.” (Citations omitted).



If you have been in a golf cart accident caused by a reckless driver, talk to a lawyer about your rights. Call one of the attorneys at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright at 702-384-7111 today, or e-mail if you have any questions regarding your golf course accident or injury!

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