Clark County Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can be devastating, but you don’t have to overcome it alone. A Clark County lawyer can help you get compensated fairly for your car accident losses.

When you’re involved in a car accident, it can be tough to overcome your losses. You may have been as careful as possible, but the at-fault party is still trying to place the blame on you. Luckily, a lawyer from Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can help. Talk it over with a Clark County car accident lawyer to prepare for your lawsuit.

Determining Fault in a Clark County Car Accident

young woman making a phone call after car accidentWhen you’re hurt in a Clark County car accident, you need to know who’s at fault for your accident. The at-fault party isn’t always the person who hit your car. For example, a driver may have hit you while on the job. While they caused the accident, their employer may be the financially liable party.

In other cases, you may have been the only driver involved in the accident. If this happens, your car accident lawyer can help you determine what caused your accident and sue the at-fault party. For example, if you crashed because your tires were defective, the tire manufacturer may be at fault.

Insurance Settlement vs. Car Accident Lawsuit

male in a car accidentOnce you determine who’s at fault for your car accident, you may need to decide whether to settle with the insurance company or file a lawsuit in a Clark County courthouse.

Settling with the insurance company may sound great—you’ll settle quickly and get the funds you need to recover, right? But it’s not always that simple. The insurance company is a for-profit business, which means the insurer may try to avoid paying you, even though another party was at fault. If this happens, you may need to take your claim to court with a car accident lawyer.

Compensation for Clark County Car Accident Victims

car crash accidentAfter a serious car accident, you need compensation that covers the losses you’ve suffered after the accident, also called damages. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your recovery, but it’s easy to forget a bill or under-value the mental and emotional toll of your accident. Because of this, you may need a car accident lawyer with the right tools to step in on your car accident lawsuit.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, your Clark County accident lawyer can help you go after compensation for the following damages, among others:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost income and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Connect with a Car Accident Lawyer in Clark County

When you need compensation but the at-fault party refuses to help, a Clark County car accident lawyer may be necessary for your claim. Your lawyer at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can help you prepare for a lawsuit, starting with a free consultation. Don’t hesitate to get your compensation—give us a call at (702) 384-7111 or complete the online contact form below to learn more about your claim.