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Child Injured on the Playground? Who’s Responsible for the Injuries?

Posted by: on Fri, Jun 21, 2019

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playground injuriesAn injury can happen on a playground very easily. Many times, the injuries are due to a child falling from equipment or acting in an unsafe manner. You should know who is liable for any subsequent injuries. We at Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright injury lawyers in Las Vegas are here to help.

Liability of the Premises
Those who are charged with operating playgrounds, whether on school grounds or at a public park, have a duty to protect any kids who use the property from any foreseeable dangers on the equipment or property as a whole. To sue for injuries on this basis, you have to prove several factors.

First, you have to show proof the defendant was in charge of the property and that the child was the type of individual expected to use the property. You have to show the party in charge of the property did not exercise the proper care of the property. The child’s injuries had to have occurred in a foreseeable manner, and the carelessness of the defendant was a significant cause of the injury.

Liability of the Child’s Supervisor
If someone else was in charge of watching your child while he or she played on the playground, that person can face liability for any subsequent injures due to an improper lack of supervision. This includes teachers and childcare providers. Those who work in this capacity are acting in place of the children’s parents and have to take reasonable steps to ensure children do not get hurt in a foreseeable manner. There should be a suitable supervisory system in place to ensure children do not get hurt while in their care.

To sue in this situation, you have to prove the defendant was charged with supervising your child, that he or she did not properly monitor the child, and the child suffered injury due to the improper supervision.

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