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Boating Accidents on Lake Mead and the Colorado River

Posted by: on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

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The beautiful waters of Lake Mead and the Colorado River attract thousands of locals and tourists from across the globe. These waters can become congested with inexperienced, drunken and reckless drivers who may put you at serious risk of harm. Contributing to the dangers on the water, locals and tourists often rent high-powered motor boats and personal watercraft from vendors in Southern Nevada. Many of these operators have never driven a boat, and are not familiar with the many rules and laws applicable to piloting watercraft.

Moreover, consumption of alcoholic beverages in or near Lake Mead National Recreation Area is harder for law enforcement to detect and regulate — but is no less dangerous — when a drunk person is piloting a boat or jet ski instead of a car.

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Boating accidents are often some of the most tragic because they begin with a day of enjoyment and recreation, often far from medical assistance. Sadly, in the blink of an eye, negligent actions can lead to serious personal injuries, often dramatically changing lives.

The combination of speed, sharp propellers, hard objects, lack of restraints such as seat belts and rapidly changing water conditions, often create hazardous conditions leading to boating accidents. With the depth of Lake Mead rapidly decreasing, more dangerous rocks and structures are being exposed month to month. We aggressively help clients who have been injured by collisions with other boats, crashes into docks and piers, contact with submerged rocks and sandbars, swimming and drowning accidents, propeller injuries, jet ski collisions, etc.

We represent persons who have been injured while recreational boating, fishing, or jet skiing on Nevada waterways. We also represent the surviving family members of drowning victims or other wrongful death victims.

We understand the significant impact these injuries can have on the lives of accident victims and their families, so we work diligently to seek the best possible results.

To prove Negligence in a boating accident it must be established that a duty of due care was owed and the defendant(s) breached their duty of due care – and as a result someone (the plaintiff) was harmed. The test to establish a breach of the duty of due care in a boating accident in Nevada is whether a reasonable person in the same situation would have acted differently than the defendant. This is both a subjective and objective test and is generally fact specific. It often involves expert testimony to help establish the plaintiff’s case. Establishing a negligence cause of action in a boating accident will entitle the plaintiff to obtain economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

The attorneys at Albright Stoddard are familiar with boating operations, and have owned both motor boats and sailboats. Some of our partners have motored and sailed to Catalina Island, San Diego and the San Juan Islands as well as many visits to Lake Mead. We are also familiar with many types of boats and personal watercraft. Give us a call at 702-384-7111 if you are involved in an accident involving a boat of any kind.

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