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Seat Belt Crack Down

Summertime in Nevada always means it is “click it or ticket” time throughout the state for all law enforcement agencies, as they have all been required to work horrible crashes. The primary concern for all police officers is for everyone to comply with the seat belt law because the numbers are countless regarding how many […]

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Recreational Boating Accidents

As summer hits, boating accident rates in Nevada rise. But floating onto the lake without taking the proper preparations can lead to injury or even be deadly in some cases. Commonly, fatal boat accidents on Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe occur when people decide to drink while boating. Sometimes people will voluntarily leave a boat […]

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Memorial Day Accidents

The Memorial Day weekend has just passed us by and you might now be having to worry about what to do if someone you know or even if you yourself were hurt during that time. Memorial Day weekend is a time when a lot of people get together and sometimes they don’t always make the […]

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