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Slip & Fall: Who is to Blame?

Slip & fall claims are a very common case for Las Vegas injury lawyers, and they are only legitimate if the injury can be proven to have been caused by a property owner’s negligence. Sometimes this is easy to prove: maybe a hotel has received multiple calls about cracked pavement and never done anything about […]

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Safety Tips for Las Vegas Roads

Las Vegas is a busy hub for people of all sorts. Due to the high volume of tourists, a lack of familiarity with traffic patterns and upcoming turns can lead to risky driving that threatens both drivers and pedestrians alike. However, anyone using Las Vegas roads can practice a few simple things that will help […]

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Five Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Millions of people are hurt each year in car accidents across the United States. These injuries vary almost as much as the accidents which cause them. However, there are a few that occur more commonly than others, split across both impact injuries and penetrating injuries. 1. Soft tissue injuries span all harm done to the […]

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