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Federal Court Discovery Order Involving Personal Injury Settlement Funds

  SILLE v. PARBALL CORPORATION, Order on Bridgefunds (Mark Albright) Discovery Motion No. 2:07-cv-00901-KJD-VCF. GRO ELISABET SILLE, Plaintiff, v. PARBALL CORPORATION, Defendant. United States District Court, D. Nevada. July 9, 2013 Kevin M. Hanratty, Consol Plaintiff, represented by Kevin M. Hanratty, Hanratty Roberts Law Group. American Legal Funding, LLC, Intervenor Plaintiff, represented by Elan S. […]

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Fraudulent Joinder of Non-Diverse Nevada Defendant Does not Destroy Federal Diversity Jurisdiction

REPLY IN SUPPORT OF MOTION TO STRIKE A transfer agent is defined in NRS 348.240 to mean “the treasurer or similar official of the issuer, a corporate or other trustee, registrar, paying agent, other corporate agent, or other person acting as an agent for, among possibly other duties, the transfer and registration of public securities.” […]

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A Comparison of Forum Selection Clause Treatment in Nevada, New York and Federal Common Law

FEDERAL COMMON LAW ON FORUM SELECTION CLAUSES In Bremen v. Zapata Off-Shore Co., 407 U.S. 1 (1972), the Supreme Court announced the Federal common law rule that forum selection clauses are valid and enforceable, except when it is shown that enforcement would be unreasonable. The modern view is that forum selection clauses are to be […]

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